Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Easter Bunny Greeting Card

Hello, there! I'm here again, bright and bushy tail! Yup, it's Bunny time again! I couldn't resist making this card soon enough for my upcoming March Class. This card will go together with your cute Milk Carton Carrot Box aka (Carrot Milk Carton Box).

Someone had mentioned a funny thought about my title "Carrot Milk Carton Box"... heehee. I didn't realize it until she explained her inquiring thoughts about carrot milk. Is there really such a thing? Is it a new health drink or something?.... she's too funny.

Anyway, going back to my bunny card. As you all know I love punch arts, well anything with paper piecings. I looked around and found so many versions of cute, stubby, fluffy-looking bunnies and came up with my own version. I usually focus on the expression of the face of this punch art and I think I got a lovey-dubby one. The Bunny featured in my Carrot Box has the same pattern except for the feet.

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