Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Birthday Month - August

It's my Birthday Month and I wanted to do something different here in my blog. First of all, check out my Blog Banner which I created and designed with SU! My Digital Studio program! Love the cupcake symbols!!!

You'll be seeing food prepared to celebrate my bday month and it just started today. Thanks to Bernard and Raidis for preparing an impromptu Chicken Kabob dinner!!! It was really sumptuous!!! Here's a picture of the rest of the gang!

As a hostess gift, I gave this mini tote bag to Raidis. We just had wonderful ideas of what to put in it. Visit again for the next post to see what you can put in these mini designer totes. Don't they look like famous LV tote bags?

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Please visit my blog and my Stampin Up Website! Have a nice day!


Gail S. said...

Oh - the chicken looks so yummy! Happy b-day!

lisa808 said...

Happy Birthday! Great new banner. Fab designer purse.


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