Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween Coffin Treat Boxes

Boo!! I think I got crazy this week. I went crazy creating these cute coffin treat boxes. I thought it would come out creepy to make them but they came out to be quite entertaining. With all the craze coming about with vampires, or even "Nightmare Before Xmas" ride in Disneyland, I just got inspired to make them. You can fill them generously with M&Ms or Candy Corn! How about gum? :) These boxes were made in black cover and red body. It's just going to be a stunning treat box favor for your Halloween Party!!!

I also made a cute punch art depicting a skeleton named Jack (you know him as the lead character in Disney's "Nightmare Before Christmas") Yeah, but I came close..hihi.

Well, if you want to make this project, you may purchase my tutorial which will include how to make the coffin box and the Punch Art Skeleton. My tutorials feature clear Step-by-Step instructions and illustrations by photos. Many of you have bought and read some of my tutorials in my blog. You have given me great feedbacks for them. Thank you so much.

Just click on the "Buy It Now" button to purchase the tutorial for $4.99. You will receive a .pdf file via email within 24 hours.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Please visit my blog and my Stampin Up Website! Have a nice day!


Debarge Design Builders said...

hahaha these are horryfyingly gorgeous! brilliant!!! =D

Crafty Cow said...

the nightmare before christmas is one ofmy all time favourite movies and you have jack proud! awesome work


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