Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Favors

Hi! It's me again! Here is part 2 of the Thanksgiving Table accessories. To give the guest a little something to take home, I made these cute favors. Yes, the pillow boxes. You may find them in any office supply store. They're called "Clear Binding Cover" for presentation books or meeting materials. They come in 25 sheets (very reasonably priced), they're safer too. One sheet will make 4 pillow boxes. The best thing about the plastic is that it's easy to handle and holds its folds. It's not flimsy. I just adhered it with sticky tape to hold it strong.
DSP: Hawaii Papaya (I had a lot of scraps and it still expresses the autumn colors)
You'll be needing these tools:

Other Notes: The ribbons used may be found in craft stores. Buy a whole bulk of chocolate covered raisins in Cosco, it's cheaper and chocolates are shinier. They won't stick onto the plastic. I'm not too happy about chocolates sticking. Check out napkin ring instructions.
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