Saturday, December 20, 2008

WINNERS of 12 Days of Christmas Blog

Congratulations to the WINNERS! Thank you for taking time to join the spirit of sharing! The winners were picked by my family and I'm glad to announce they've been good choices. Some emailed me with touching comments and shared their wonderful Christmas traditions and experiences. Ok Ok..... here we go.

Winners are (DRUM ROLL):
1st Day of Christmas Candy Blog winner is CINDY AVERY. She describes Santa as:
S is for Sack totin'
A is for Angelic (for the kids behavior)
N is for Night of Wonder
T is for TOY bringin'
A is for Anticipation!

2nd Day of Christmas Candy Blog winner is SHIRLEY K.
She has an American Indian Manger Scene and she had shared pics... one way or another, I can't seem to find it.. but I can ask for it again.

3rd Day of Christmas Candy Blog winner is CINDY AVERY again... her true Christmas Story touched our hearts... here it is:
My most memorable Christmas Holiday was when I was 7, too! I was like the little kid in the movie "A Christmas Story" but instead of a BB Gun, I wanted a Chatty Kathy so bad.
We were not very well to do and it would be ridiculous to expect to get an expensive doll like that. My mother had taken a part time job while I was at school to earn extra money without telling me. I was so happy and surprised when I opened up that box with Chatty Kathy in it. It was so amazing that she did that for me. I will never forget it!
Cindi Avery

4th Day of Christmas Candy Blog winner is HEIDI WRIGHT. Her wholesome tree reminded us what a Christmas Tree would be around our family when we where kids. It such a special memory... thanks Heidi for sharing your tree and here is her comment:
Our holiday tree is filled with children's ornamaments, handmade many of them. Some of the ornaments are from my childhood and my husbands as well. Then each time we travel somewhere we get a new ornament. So we have a lot of disney ornaments since we go to Disneyland often.
Someday I'll have a coordinated tree..but for now its fun to see popsicle stick ornaments hanging there that my kids have made!

5th Day of Christmas Candy Blog winner is FRANCES YANG. Here is her comment on the Milk Cartons: I would put shredded paper on the bottom and put whatever small, light gifts (jewelry, gift cards, etc) in it. Since the boxes are so unique, nobody would ever be able to guess what is in them!!

6th to 10th Day of Christmas Candy Blog winner is SYDNEY MARIANO. She's 11 years old and she expressed that she would love to have these "ENJOY" tags for her gifts to her classmates and give the Recipe as a gift to her mom.

11th and 12th day of Christmas Candy Blog WINNERS are CECILIA SMET and PATTY BENNETT.
Winners of this candy blog were picked in a lottery.

TO ALL WINNERS CONGRATULATIONS! Your packages will be mailed on Monday, Dec 22nd. Please email me your addresses. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas!

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Visit my blog and my Stampin Up Website!

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