Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Christine's Indian Girl Project

Here'a a cute project Christine, my dear friend and Godchild made. Her art project was for a National PTA Program called Reflections Program Theme: "Wow!" Well, to my surprise, it really wowed me. Isn't it cute. She is a true artist. Thank you for sharing Christine.
Here is Christine Smet's Artist Statement: My visual artwork relates to the theme of "Wow" because it shows one of India's many temples with tear bear, Little Miss India. A tear bear is a paper bear. My tear bear is made with mulberry paper and designer paper. I have drawn the temple in the background and have used chalk, flowers, and rhinestones to give it color. The 12 x 12 inch paper is cardstock. There are two people who inspired me to make this - my aunt who showed me how to make tear bears last summer, and my kindergarten and first grade teacher who sent me a picture of the temple that I have drawn in the background. I have visited Hindu temples like the one I have drawn when I went to Bali, Indonesia.

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